Saturday, January 15, 2011

When Elephants Sleep

It's a lovely Saturday morning in Namibia, rain clouds are building in the East, we are holding thumbs (crossing fingers) for rain late in the day.  There's no big drama today, Eddy has begun a slow climb to health, settling into a routine of sorts. Transitioning reluctantly out of the Gatorade mix, into a full strength milk formula every liter of S26 that flows down his big yap takes another knot out of my neck.  His fluid intake remains up and down from 10 liters per day, just where he needs to be. He's started to be more active, pushy, "I WANT IT NOW" we laugh genuine laughter, without the underlying stress, fear and hesitation of the last week.

Eddy drinks a liter of warm milk and much like any other baby, anywhere, when it hits his stomach, it flips a switch in his head and out go the lights.  Gratifyingly, he has started to lay down to sleep again, without the telltale lung rattle that was causing me great concern. I had a bottle of antibiotics ready to launch but Dr. Lionel and Betty held it back. I'm glad they did, it has a tendency to cause the trots which are on the wane.
There are a number of interactions with Eddy that I love, but none more than laying down with him as he drifts off to the land of nod to watch some eyelid movies.... I wonder what's playing?.....
From this morning.

Knee, neck, ear.....

After the noontime feed with Dr. Lionel, driftin away......

This last one strikes me as a child, deep in slumber, at complete peace with his world.....

I should tell you all, that just as things are calming down with Eddy's health, we're cranking up his relocation plans.  Lots of people in various places working feverishly to organize his passport, visas, transport, accompanying veterinarians and ultimate destination.  I have been asked by the parties involved not to give up too much at the moment, we really don't want this deal getting @#$%ed up because of overexcitement.   But this much I will blab, if it comes together the way I think it might, Eddy's most excellent adventure's finish, woulda made, Cecil B. demille drop his stogie and weep as the elephant angels sing.



  1. Chris, this is such great news! I can't wait to see him fill out a bit. It must feel so good knowing he is on the mend and you are literally saving his life. Okay, tissues please...

  2. How precious that slumbering little elephant child. I'm so glad that he's healing. Thank you for the updates.

  3. Chris - this is a fantastic story, and we're hoping for the best possible outcome. Well done.

  4. I am so happy for Eddie and your group. It must be so very satisfying to save the life of one of God's most amazing creatures. And you write so beautifully. And I agree with Jenny, tissues are always needed when I read your blog. Keep well. cj

  5. From now on, ALL my angels will be elephants!