Friday, October 28, 2011

Three degrees off plumb

2011 has been very good for me photographically,  The year is finishing out with a solo exhibition at the FNCC, Franco Namibian Cultural Center in Windhoek.  The work in this show is decidedly different then what has been shown elsewhere. This is what the new English language daily had to say about it.

This was my very first critical review anywhere and I am quite chuffed by it.

Apple Series

My first computer nearly 30 years ago was an Apple Macintosh, My reverence for the creative genius that has come from this company in the years since is huge. I started working on this series long before Mr. Jobs suffered his recent  fatal formatting error. The series was prompted one afternoon nearly a year ago when I was fooling around with a camelthorn pod while eating an apple.  The eyes are vintage German doll eyes from the 1920's

There are 4 images in the series,

I have started printing on Epson Cold Press Bright, it is a stunning paper.

I was also very fortunate to be accepted into Epson's Digigraphie program. Have a look here for more information Digigraphie. With this new series I am limiting prints depending on the image from 9 to 99.

If you wish to see the entire exhibition then please go to my website as there is a gallery devoted to the Three Degrees work.

This image is called 595 and remains another favorite from the current work.

I remain very greatful to those of you who watch my work and this blog, I would appreciate it a lot if you would pass the link on to any firends you have, that might also enjoy the effort.

Have a great Weekend,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes you just get lucky,,,,,

Way back in the beginning of the year there was a call for submissions for a new Namibian competition called "The Month of Photography". This Competition is affiliated with an international competition of the same title that began in Berlin a number of years ago. In view of my ongoing asswhupping in the international competitions I thought perhaps I ought to back up a bit and try to make the cut in a competition closer to home. The brief was well brief, "people and territories" up to 15 images, with an implied urban bias. Given I live in a decidedly non-urban community this made the challenge more interesting. The thought that eventually came to mind was fences and gates and how people approached the line of demarcation between where they live and the outside world. Here in Omaruru there is a clear cultural difference, one is closed fortress or jail like, the other is open and friendly. Interestingly nowhere in the whole town did I ever find a welcome sign.....

My submission was titled, "No-Entry - Come on In" it was accepted and ultimately to my great surprise awarded the Grand Prize in the competition. (scored a trip to Berlin too) So here it is, enjoy.