Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes you just get lucky,,,,,

Way back in the beginning of the year there was a call for submissions for a new Namibian competition called "The Month of Photography". This Competition is affiliated with an international competition of the same title that began in Berlin a number of years ago. In view of my ongoing asswhupping in the international competitions I thought perhaps I ought to back up a bit and try to make the cut in a competition closer to home. The brief was well brief, "people and territories" up to 15 images, with an implied urban bias. Given I live in a decidedly non-urban community this made the challenge more interesting. The thought that eventually came to mind was fences and gates and how people approached the line of demarcation between where they live and the outside world. Here in Omaruru there is a clear cultural difference, one is closed fortress or jail like, the other is open and friendly. Interestingly nowhere in the whole town did I ever find a welcome sign.....

My submission was titled, "No-Entry - Come on In" it was accepted and ultimately to my great surprise awarded the Grand Prize in the competition. (scored a trip to Berlin too) So here it is, enjoy.

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