Monday, August 8, 2011

Jacob takes a dirt nap and other images


I have been a lazy bugger, last post was way too long ago.

In my defense I have been very busy. This bloggosphere business takes a lot of effort. But since I started it I should keep it going.

Eddy won a Gold medal in the Paris based PX3, he is also featured in a fund raising exhibition that opens on the 12th in Swakopmund....

As I drive around my little town, I remain open to things that might lend themselves to an image, I have few if any preconceptions, except that when I see it, I know that it possesses great "itness".

I had just woken from my daily lunch time nap and was on the way back to the gallery and spotted young Jacob, likewise enjoying a snooze in the warm spring sunshine.

Ahhhh to sleep like child, what a gift, a gift we lose far too soon.

I remain fascinated by babies, they are a wonderful subject for photography, when done well I think they transcend parental bias.  

This little girl is Leah, she is the child of friends, Hannah and Heiko, I generally stay clear of very young children, they have no bones so they flop around a lot, can't focus on anything, sometimes have pointy heads, that is in addition to generally being noisy pink blobs.... but this child, at 3 months has an uncanny ability to hold her head up and to FOCUS.

For a very long time I have wanted to go to the Ghost House outside Windhoek and shoot something, but until this weekend it never got very far, but as you can see Saturday evening it came together, I'll post a full set on the web page as soon as I get all the retouching done.

I've got a huge printing/framing job to get to and about a gazillion photos to run through for various projects.

Allis well in Omaruru,

Life is good.



  1. 'itness' is rather elusive. I mean, for some photographers it appears to be something with which they are born. They simple see 'it' when others do not. And for some it is learned. Or a bit of both.

    I know I have difficulty seeing 'it' and find it rather frustrating. Worse, I don't always recognize 'it' when I have captured it. Frequently it is others who clue me in to when I've struck upon 'it'.

    Really love the portraits with what looks like sunshine at dawn or dusk. The light.. the setting and the models... firing on all cylinders.

  2. Thanks forkboy, halogens and camera adjustments.....

  3. Hi, Chris, it's Amy. Glad to see you Chris and what beautiful pictures you have posted.

    Is amazing ^.^

  4. Wonderful images, I have added your blog to our Namibia listings on the fatphotographer website, I hope you don't mind.