Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eddy caught some mojo

This will be very short, its 10:30, been jamming hard since 4:45.  Late in the afternoon Eddy started to rally, he's been banging back his sports drink done 3liters since 4pm this afternoon and was at it when I left, also getting some antibiotic creams on some sores he's got here and there, plus treatment of an iritateded eye and bags full of love. I layed down with him for a nap both of us ended up snoring till some @3%t%$ tourists woke the dog, who woke us... Eddy also getting some vile goo in a syringe shot down his gullet every 8 hours you can see he hates it, but it is to heal sores in his GI track. Late tomorrow if all goes well we are going to start him on his soya milk based formula.  He's feeling good enough to start being a little bit pushy, I'm thrilled.

Keep the prayers coming


Thank you all for your thoughts......


  1. rooting for Eddy - this is an amazing thing you are doing and I thank you for taking the time to narrate this experience. I check daily for eddy's progress, yesterday left me on the verge of tears. so glad to hear eddy's coming back around!!!

  2. So glad to hear that Eddy is doing better!