Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 a last look at the last of it

The heat here in Omaruru has been brutal, day after day of heat so thick you can cut it. 38, 40, 42 for those of you in the Fahrenheit world that's really hot, stupid hot, and perditions flame...

Not surprisingly when it's this hot I don't feel very creative, in fact I have hardly pressed a shutter, it is the end of the annual Namibian shutdown period which starts early in December and ends starting tomorrow, except for the lawyers who get another 3 weeks. Hopefully pretty much everyone will be back at work and SOBER this next week.

At the end of last year, (makes it sound like a long time ago) I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding here in Omaruru, Carene and Jason Cohen, they came home from New Zealand, well she did, he's a native Kiwi, give the guy credit he had the spheres to wear All Blacks kit around Springbok country. The wedding was on the family farm and the reception was in town at a new facility opened by Gudrun Murray-Mueller at the Wronsky house.

Anyway, once again I was moved by the sense of family and emotion in the air, along with the silly heat of a late afternoon December wedding at the edge of the Namib.

Funny enough, after spending a month or so here the Cohen's packed up and flew to the Philippines......given what's been going on there, i hope they brought umbrellas...

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